45% of Indonesian People Still Trust Herbal Medicine More Than Modern Medicine

Utilizing herbal medicines is not foreign to Indonesian people. This medicine is considered more natural, so many people choose it. Proven about 45% of the 7699 respondents using the Alodokter application chose to use herbal medicines, although not all of them were officially registered at the Republic of Indonesia Drug and Food Control Agency (BPOM RI). The rest, which is around 55%, chose modern medicine as a treatment step. Traditional medicine is a natural ingredient or herb from plants, which is believed to treat certain diseases, and has been used for generations, such as herbal medicine. While modern medicine is a drug that has proven its benefits and side effects pharmacologically and clinically. Both modern medicines and herbal medicines that are sold in the market, must have been officially registered at BPOM RI. Herbal Remedies Are Side Effects Free In Indonesia, some people are more confident to use herbal medicines, because they are considered natural, so that they a
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